Wood Finishing

We offer a full range of stains, varnishes, chalk paints, oil & Latex paints, faux finishes, glazes and everything you need to finish a range of projects - from refinishing that Garage Sale / Flea market find through to refinishing your 70-s Disco dance floor, we have the solutions you will need.    

If you operate on more a commercial level,  we have had great success with Lenmar's lacquers, stains and topcoats in water-based, pre-catalyzed and catalyzed formats. 

Looking for help with your furniture refinishing projects? We work with the best professionals in many categories.

Get in touch with us and we can get you the help you need.

Some of the companies we work with: 
Flood - Circa 1850 - INSL-X - Lenmar Coatings
Olde Century Colors -
Old Masters  - Sikkens

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